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Scenario Plan for

Future Success
Wednesday, August 12th | 11AM EDT

Today’s global uncertainty represents a key moment in business strategy, with a shift toward data-driven decisioning happening faster and with more zeal than normal circumstances would have allowed. If ever there was a time for brands to gain a holistic understanding of simulating and scenario-planning, that time is now. But, where is the best place to begin, and how can brands work with and build upon existing data and insights to accurately understand future outcomes?

Join us on Wednesday, August 12th at 11AM ET for our next ROI Genome webinar, Scenario Plan for Future Success. The webinar will answer that question and more, including insights into:

  • The critical scenario planning principles and framework needed for success
  • How both marketing and non-marketing drivers impact business performance
  • How to influence consumer demand while protecting your brand from the advertising and promotional investments of competitors