Uncovering Growth Opportunities
Thursday, May 13th | 11AM EST

2021 has marked a shift for many brands from a focus on short-term survival to long-term, sustained growth. In order to succeed in that shift, a holistic view of measurement is critical – with scenario planning at the core. In fact, brands that adopt measurement programs and scenario planning for decisioning achieve a 25-70% increase in ROI.

Join us on Thursday, May 13th at 11 AM EST for our next webinar, “Uncovering Opportunities for Growth” to find out how you can better anticipate the evolution of marketing and future-proof your strategy. Analytic Partners EVP Mike Menkes will cover these topics and more, including:

  • How to drive $50-100M+ in growth each year through analytics, without increasing investment levels
  • How apply scenario planning across multiple business cases
  • How to uncover your greatest areas of opportunity and optimize for growth

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