How SharkNinja used analytics and measurement to drive remarkable growth

How does a brand grow to nearly $2 billion in annual revenue, improve ROI by 75% and grow the business by over 30% in just two short years? SharkNinja's Brian Gill discusses the brand's key to success.

Hear Brian's thoughts on...

#1 Bringing Analytics to the Forefront of Planning

#2 Test and Learn

#3 Portfolio Planning & Halo Effects

#4 Short-term vs Long Term

#5 Holistic Measurement 

Hear how SharkNinja worked with Analytic Partners to:

  • Gain organizational buy-in for a holistic measurement program

  • Hone in on your desired goal to make the most out of data and analytics

  • Build a rigorous test and learn program that can breed continued successh

Recorded at Adweek Challenger Brands 2021


"Over the past few years we've seen tremendous growth in our overall media ROI. We've been able to double budgets, while almost doubling the total impact on our media effectiveness on driving sales. And it's truly through this partnership [with Analytic Partners] that we've been able to create a great formula around what our analytics path forward is, but also continuing to disrupt our own processes in the meantime to identify where can we innovate our media approach."

Brian Gill

Sr. Manager Global Media Strategy & Planning





Mike Menkes
Senior Vice President,
Analytic Partners



Brian Gill
Sr. Manager Global Media Strategy & Planning, SharkNinja


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