Views From the Front Line: The Top Marketing Investment Tactics for 2023

Discover what the world's top brands' marketing teams don't want you to know about the marketing investment tactics they used to win during previous tough economic times.

Marketing analytics experts from Bloomberg and Vans join our CEO, Nancy Smith, to reveal the findings of our ROI Genome Insight Report, The Marketer's Guide to Survive (even Thrive) in 2023, and discuss why these tactics are so powerful and why they can be relied on again in 2023.  

The five tactics, with front-line commentary from our panel...

#1 Protect your marketing spend

#2 Do not over-focus on performance marketing

#3 Exploit the power of brand 

#4 Measure everything

#5 Evaluate the impact of all potential scenarios 

In addition to learning how top brands succeed in economic turmoil, hear from Bloomberg and Vans on:

  • Why the correct measurement framework is a crucial foundation, and what it looks like.

  • The importance and strategic advantage of greater frequency of measurement.

  • What happens when brands focus on ROAS as their core metric in tough economic times.  

  • What Bloomberg and Vans saw when they analyzed the impact of brand vs performance marketing, and what this means for their 2023 plans.

  • The processes and insights that are giving Bloomberg and Vans confidence in their decision making for 2023 and 2024.

  • How their approach to measurement and decision-making is going to impact their recruitment plans and agency selection.  

"The right measurement framework is absolutely critical. If you take a short term view, you might be undervaluing the impact that your marketing is having. That doesn't set you up to have a successful conversation with business leaders." 

Chris Marino

Global Head of Performance Marketing & Media, Bloomberg

"A big objective is how do we get out of viewing marketing as a cost center and instead a profit center? Having greater frequency of measurement helps [exec stakeholders] become more comfortable, more familiar and have that belief in marketing's true revenue impact."

Casey Rosett

Director of Global Marketing Analytics, Vans





Nancy Smith
President & CEO 


Chris Marino

Chris Marino
Global Head of Performance Marketing & Media 

Group 70299


Casey Rosett

Casey Rosett
Director of Global Marketing Analytics




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The Marketer's Guide to Survive (even Thrive) in 2023  

Read and download the full report on which this webinar was based, and see the detail behind the five top marketing investment tactics for 2023, discovered by Analytic Partners.

Based on data from ROI Genome - a dynamic dataset of millions of marketing and measurement metrics from 50 countries and 1,000+ brands.